resistenz_a (resistenz_a) wrote in anti_fascism,

A solidarity action with Russian anti-fascists in Minsk, Belarus

In saturday 7th of August 2pm, an illegal action was organised in Russian
embassy of Minsk in solidarity with Russian anti-fascists.

Around 50 anti-fascists and anarchists showed up in Russian embassy of
Minsk, in order to show solidarity with Russian anti-fascists and in order
to point out, that nazis may murder people in Russia with impunity. As
action was illegal, it did not lasted more than five minutes. Protesters
could only unroll banner with text "no tofascism", and carry portraits of
four anti-fascists murdered in Russia (Timur Kacharava, Aleksander Ryuhin,
Stanislav Korepanov and Ilya Borodaenko), when police showed up and demanded
to stop illegal action. Police immediately called OMON riot police, and
began grabbing people.

All of the participators managed to leave the scene before OMON showed up. 4
persons were arrested, in following day all of them got a 3 days prison
sentence do be executed immediately in a kangaroo court. Some 15 people went
to support arrested in the court and managed to shout something to them.
Arrested were in good spirits, but it was obviously that they were frozen in
jail the previous night. They should be released today. There is a danger that one of the arrested will be expelled from university.



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