Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote in anti_fascism,
Andy Luke

Operation Bite

Operation Bite has me worried. For those not in the know, its twenty-four hours of air-strikes planned for Iran on Friday April 6th. The intended targets are weapons bases, research centres and laboratories. Regardless, innocent people are going to be killed in another illegal war, aggressors the Bush regime, with Tony Blair providing the ignition.

There are some links here if you'd like to know more about it.

(The original news in Russian)

In English

(Or Google)

This is managing to crawl off the interwebs and alternatives onto mainstream papers but its not fast enough. Most of the focus seems to be on the 'igniter' of the fifteen British prisoners. I've emailed every newspaper in Northern Ireland on this. I don't want to see some newscaster break down in tears on screen three or four months from now, crying about how he warned them but nobody would listen. An answer to this 'preventitive war' bull is preventitive news, and if there is no Operation Bite this Friday or between now and the summer, then I'll be happy I've been proved wrong.
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