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1st of September. It’s time to say “STOP Nazism!”


We invite you to join the international action "Stop Nazism!"
We refer not only to the activists and the leaders of youth organizations (antifascist, civil or human rights), but to the common dwellers of Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and all the CIS countries - to all people who on their way to school or work, to shop or club come across hate symbols on the walls and fences of your cities and towns. These symbols promote violence and intolerance as due methods to solve the recent problems of society.
The new phase of the International Action "Europe without Nazism", initiated by a group of youth antifascist organizations, will start on 1 September and last till 9 November 2006

The Second World War started on the 1 September 1939. The invasion of Nazi Germany into Poland started on this day. This very day didn't only become the beginning of the horrible and sanguinary war in Europe but as well the day of the onset of the pan European resistance. This happened 67 year ago. And then came Victory. It seemed that Nazism was conquered once and for all. But today we face people and whole organized groups, who popularize the supremacy of one race, ethnos or religion. It turns out that virtual monsters are tough to be buried at once. That's why on 1 September we keep iterating over and over again - "resistance to Nazism didn't remain in the past and is crucial today".

9 November is an International day against fascism and anti-Semitism. This is the sad anniversary of the Jewish pogrom on 9 November 1939 in Germany, which was named "Night of Broken Windows" (or Kristallnacht) and happened to become the symbol of the Holocaust beginning (the mass extermination of the Jewish population in Europe). This day the International Action "Stop Fascism!" takes its start.

How to join the Action "Europe Without Nazism"

From 1 September to 9 November we invite you to:

1) Take part in the raid "Europe without Nazism" Paint over at least one hate symbol in your city and put a symbol of peace instead. We stand against the fact that walls of our houses, schools and shops should serve as propaganda of Nazi ideas. When the action is underway we are going to create a map of "Europe without Nazism", where one would trace all the participating regions and spot all the outcomes of the participants, including yours!

Stencil (template)

Application form

Safety Plan

Attention! Even if you don't live in Europe or even dwell on another continent, we would welcome your participation and solidarity!

2. Become the participant of the international graphic competition and send us YOUR variant of "Peace symbol". We are looking forward to your images and symbols that convey the ideas of antifascism and Human Rights. The best artifact will be applied during the preparation of the materials (stickers, posters, post cards, etc.) for the European wide actions against Nazism, racism and fascism.


3. Put you name under the Manifest -5 ( as an act of solidarity to the Neo-Nazi resistance in Europe and worldwide. Encourage your friends, colleagues and acquaintances do the same.

We appeal especially to journalists and mass media to disseminate this information among their readers, viewers and listeners. We aspire to know that dozens and hundreds and thousands of Europeans and people all over the world speak out "Stop Nazism" in different languages.

Prep-team of International Action "Stop Nazism!"
Phone: + 7 910-346-61-80, +7 915 548 71 90, +7-918-497-48-27

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