laeth_maclaurie (laeth_maclaurie) wrote in anti_fascism,

The GALL is Breathtaking

Having murdered hundreds of Lebanese civilians, called down rocket fire that has led to several civilian deaths in Israel, destroyed the infrastructure of Lebanon, caused an environmental crisis, weakened the democratically elected Lebanese government - all without materially degrading Hezbollah - Ehud Olmert is now indicating his willingness to exchange prisoners with Hezbollah as a part of a negotiated ceasefire!

And what does all of this demonstrate?  Well, it proves two things I've said all along:

1. This was never about Hezbollah or terrorism or captured soldiers.  This was about internal Israeli politics.  Ehud Olmert had to prove to the electorate that he's got the stones to really be Sharon's legitimate successor, and he didn't care who died (Lebanese OR Israeli) in the proving.

2. The United States could have ended this any time they wanted.  Note that as soon as the US started leaning on Israel, impediments to peace started vanishing.

So, in conclusion, fuck you Ehud Olmert and double fuck you George W. Bush!
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